Student Spotlight – Joe Brooke

Joe has been a Muay Thai student of mine since the early 2000’s when he moved to Los Angeles from New York . He has trained with me at two other gyms before joining F5 and before that he trained at Five Points Academy in NYC with some excellent coaches who are... read more

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Tips

Are you using the heavy bag correctly in your training and workouts? Get Muay Thai heavy bag tips to help you. Coach Roxy reviews some common mistakes and corrective tips to optimize your bag work. A heavy bag is an excellent tool for fighters and those looking for... read more

Three Common Pull-Up Mistakes

Are you doing pull-ups correctly? People make common pull-up mistakes that are easy to correct and lead to better results. Pull-ups for a great bodyweight exercise that works the back and arms, perfecting them will increase strength and muscle. Here are three of the... read more

How to do Muay Thai Skip Knees

Muay Thai skip knee strikes and footwork are used to devastate opponents in the clinch, but they are a great conditioning tool for athletes as well as anyone practicing Muay Thai for fitness. Skip knees take rhythm and finesse to get skilled at. Good hip mobility is a... read more

Muay Thai Boxing: Cross to Body Video

Punches to the body are an effective way score points and damage an opponent. In this video, we’ll go over the Muay Thai Boxing cross to the body. Body shots are a shorter fighters best friend, as a taller opponent will typically have a more exposed torso,... read more

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