At F5 we use a practical, whole foods-based approach creating optimal health, performance, and body composition results. Nutrition is one of the 5 Pillars at F5, along with strength and conditioning, sport and play, mindset, and rest and recovery.

Many students at F5 find that in addition to a well-designed fitness program, they need additional nutrition and lifestyle guidance to achieve their goals. At F5, we recognize that there is not a one size fits all approach to nutrition. Therefore, individual needs are addressed in our nutrition coaching and plans.

Currently, our Nutrition Coach on staff is the head coach and F5 owner Roxy Ricardson, ACT CPT, Pn1, SFG II.

All F5 members get 25% off Nutrition Coaching Packages. Nutritional coaching for distance clients is also available via phone/skype.

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Package 

  • An eight session commitment is required (2-4 months depending on session frequency)
  • Payable in three payments of $232
  • Or pay in full up front eight sessions for $592 (save $104)

Customized coaching using proven methods. We work with clients starting from where they are and help them create new healthy habits that are tailored to their fitness and health goals with support, education, and guidance.

Sessions can include: refining the right outcome and behavior goals to help you succeed, regular progress measuring, education of basic (and advanced) nutrition principles, cooking and meal prep tutorials, a breakdown of macronutrients and energy balance for goals, grocery store trips, and kitchen makeovers*.

Unlimited email Q&A with your coach while you are a nutrition client. Sessions are via phone/Skype (45-60 minutes each), weekly or bi-weekly.

*In-home and out of office coaching sessions may incur an additional fee depending on location.

If you are interested in only nutritional counseling and are not an F5 Fitness student, please contact us to book a quick phone consultation.

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