Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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FUNCTION = PURPOSE .... We train with purpose! 

Function 5 Fitness is a privately owned, client-focused gym in Los Angeles, offering a unique blend of sport, conditioning and wellness. We are a hybrid gym offering Muay Thai Kickboxing, kettlebells, circuit training, functional strength and conditioning, weight loss and nutrition. Our goal is to help clients take charge of their lives by achieving physical goals, learning a healthier way to live and being a part of a positive, supportive community. We are not your typical Hollywood gym...

The 5 in our name stands for what we believe to be the 5 pillars of Fitness & Health:

  1. 1. Nutrition - It's true, you are what you eat. Eating wholesome, nourishing foods can change your body and your life..
  2. 2. Mindset - We find that approaching our training and our lives life with a positive mindset, in addition to focusing our training on building skills through consistent practice gets superior results! Having a goal and enjoying the journey are key!
  3. 3. Strength & Conditiong - Everyone, regardless of age or gender needs to learn how to lift heavy things with proper form and move the human body in a functional way. Resistance training is an integral part of our programming. It will improve your health and longevity, raise your metabolism, build valuable lean muscle, lower body fat and give you bragging rights ;)
  4. 4. Sport & Play - What is fitness without fun??!  At F5 we believe that working out is something you should look forward to. Our sport, Muay Thai helps give you sport specific performance goals and adds some "playtime" back into your life. Punching and kicking is also great for stress reduction.
  5. 5. Rest & Recovery - Everyone needs a rest day. We care about your health and want you to learn SMART training methods. We'll teach you how to listen to your body and take time off when you need it. We'll also have plenty of fun parties and field trips to relax your mind and body. Our community is what keeps us strong on the inside!