Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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30 Day Trial

30 Day Trial

Please  CONTACT US first to set up your complimentary consultation if you are interested in starting your 30 Day Trial at F5 Fitness!

We are a boutique, private gym, focused on service and education. Our number one goal is helping our students learn skills in sport and strength so they get superior results in their training and their lives. We offer the unique combination of sport, fitness and nutrition along with the support of our positive, health conscience community of coaches and students, so that you have fun while you learn and progress. We think you will love our client-focused approached to functional training and Muay Thai, but to prove it to you we offer a 30 Day Trial for $99 so you can experience it for yourself!

Our 30 Day Trial*

  • No Risk, No Obligation!
  • Try F5 for 30 days and experience the difference in quality training!
  • 2 Private Intro Sessions (Muay Thai, S&C)
  • 10 Small Group Classes
  • Free glove rental included
  • Free F5 Nutrition Guide PDF 
  • Money Back Guarantee: If after 5 sessions/classes you decide we are not the gym for you we’ll refund your money and part ways, no hard feelings. However, you must reserve/attend 5 session/classes, no more no less for the guarantee to be valid.**

* Our 30 day Trial is available only to those local to the LA area . If you are visiting us from out of town consider our 30 Day Visitors Package. Please also note since you cannot combine special offers, you cannot use a Yelp Deal to pay for the 30 day Trial. Thank you!

**Reservations are required during your trial. Late cancellations or no-shows to session/class count towards your total session/class attendance. Please review our cancellation policy on the Online Schedule. To request a trial refund you must contact us no later than 3 days after your 5th reserved session/class (attended, late canceled or absent). No exceptions, exchanges or transfers for any reason unless a doctor's note is provided, must provide doctors note, before your trial expires. You cannot request a refund earlier than your 5th class, as we want you to properly evaluate the gym and try out enough classes to make an informed decision.

30 Day Trial - New Students 

---> Download our Welcome Packet with Program & Membership Information.

Personal Training

Personal Training

 We offer affordable, monthly Personal Training Upgrades to add-on to your Group Class Membership.  We have found that a mix of small group classes and personal training gets our clients amazing results!There are a variety of options to build your program with our elite training team. We'll reivew them together in your consultation...Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation :)

Personal Trainnig Special: 3 Intro Sessions  Only $177!

Personal Training Upgrades Available with an F5 Membership*

Silver Upgrade

  • 4 personal training sessions to use in 30 days
  • $236 per month  = $59 per session

Gold Upgrade

  • 8 personal training sessions to use in 30 days
  • $448 per month  = $56 per session

Platinum Upgrade

  • 12 personal training sessions per month in addition to your group classes
  • $636 per month  = $53 per session

*All Upgrades are available only with a current Function 5 Fitness Membership. There are no roll overs. You must use all sessions purchased in 30 days from the date of your first session in the upgrade package.

* Cancellation policy for private training: You must cancel/reschedule 24 hours before your appointment; otherwise, you will be charged in full. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that packages (not including monthly upgrades) of training sessions expire 90 days from date of purchase, except 20 packs which expire 180 days from purchase and single sessions which expire 14 days from date of purchase. No refunds or exchanges. All packages are non-transferable. Thank you!