Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Classes for students of ALL levels. Learning Muay Thai will give your fitness routine the boost you have been looking for and you will learn valuable skills while getting in killer shape. In class you will learn to shadow box, hit mitts, pads and heavy bags as well as performing strength & conditioning drills like push ups and squats.

Sparring and defense drills are NOT mandatory in class, but are offered for students who wish to learn them.  We also have a fight team for those that want to take it to the next level, however most of our students simply practice Muay Thai for a great workout that keeps them fit and motivated!

Muay Thai Beginners Info:

Interested in our classes? Great! We'd love to have you come meet our team, check out the gym, watch some training and get to know more about you...

Please contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Here's what our clients are saying about their experience as members:

“This place has literally transformed my life! Went in with a goal to get healthy and active- I was extremely sedentary and needed a kick in the pants to get going.  From my first meeting with Daniel, I was completely hooked.  And the results have been extraordinary- in three months I've lost weight and gotten stronger than I've ever been in my life.  The classes are super fun and informative- you're learning a sport and the teachers are very serious about what they do.”  - Amanda E.
“I remain super impressed with what I've experienced at Function Five Fitness. In fact, I go as far to say as, this gym has literally changed my life. I know it may sound corny but it’s true.” – Luke R.

"The typical gym thing wasn't working out for me - most of the time I scurried away into the sauna and no one could stop me. Eventually, the stress, the frustration of the way I looked and felt was overwhelming. I came across F5, specifically interested in Muay Thai…

From the moment I called, I felt welcomed and excited to try out the beginner's class - and since then - the excitement and appreciation is still there…

Technique, knowledge, personality, commitment - I mean name it, they are equipped with all of the skills. The most important thing for me is, they always make me feel motivated to keep going, and always with optimism". – Shanyn W

“I was a complete beginner; but I just went each time trying to do my best and keep an open mind. I began by going to a couple of Muay Thai classes per week and one day of personal training. The personal training was eye-opening for me. I'd belonged to a [shite] gym before, but mostly kept to the bike & elliptical for 30-45 min of cardio & some stretching. Personal Training allowed me to learn so much about form, all kinds of amazing exercises and not to be intimidated by gym equipment. I also opted for some nutritional help and have gotten to really define what foods work for me, giving me optimal health and energy.” Christine Z.
"Hands down the most liberating, stress releasing, body trimming, mind-focusing work out you can possibly find. The entire team at Function Five help you accomplish goals (both personal & physical) you never dreamed of achieving.  There's absolutely nothing like Muay Thai before a day of work or to wind down from a crazy day. The classes are full of supportive teammates, who not only challenging you but cheer you on at the same time". – Rachel H

We are a smaller gym, private, and focused on service so our number one goal is our client’s results.  We offer the unique combination of sport, fitness and nutrition along with the support of our positive, health conscience community of trainers and clients, so that you have fun and get amazing results! 

Please note, we don't try to compete with rock bottom prices instead we compete with quality!  If you want quality instruction, individual attention, training and fitness education that actually gets you the results you want, then come try us out!  We pride ourselves on offering top-notch services. We encourage you to try us out and experience the difference. It's worth every penny!

30 Day Trial  *

Try us out for 30 days. Get 2 Private Intros & 10 classes to experience our training style. Give us a chance to show you what makes our approach fun and effective!

* For full details on our RISK FREE 30 Day Trial and Money Back Guarantee, please go  HERE!

Annual Group Class Membership - a 12 month agreement that includes:

  • Open Gym Hours MWF from 4pm-5pm 
  • 3 Private Introductory Sessions*
  • 3 nutritional counseling sessions / year (30 min food journal review & trouble shooting)
  • 3 program strategy sessions /year (30 min program review, goal assessment & trouble shooting)
  • 25% off massage therapy
  • *intro sessions included only if you do not purchase the 30 day trial first

Essentials Group Class Membership - 15 classes per month

  • $97 initial investment
  • $189 per month x 12 months ($12.60 per class)

Expanded Group Class Membership – 30 classes per month

  • $97 initial investment
  • $230 per month x 12 months ($7.66 per class)

We also offer members the option to customize their program with our Monthly  Personal Training Upgrades as an add on to your membership at a special members price. Many of our clients choose to do a mix of personal training and group classes to get the best, most customized training program with one-on-one attention.

Short Term Group Class Membership - a 3 month agreement that includes:

  • Open Gym Hours MWF 4pm-5pm
  • 3 Private Introductory Sessions*
  • 1 nutritional counseling session
  • 1 program strategy session
  • 25% off massage therapy
  • *intro sessions included only if you do not purchase the 30 day trial first

3 Month Essentials Group Class Membership - 15 classes per month

  • $97 initial investment
  • $219 per month x 3 months ($14.60 per class)

3 Month Expanded Group Class Membership – 30 classes per month

  • $97 initial investment
  • $297 per month x 3 months ($9.9 per class)

Prices subject to change at any time, to lock in rates clients must keep accounts current and renew contracts 30 days before they expire. No refunds, exchanges or transfers.

Download our   welcome packet PDF with all this information.

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