Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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Roxy Balboa Richardson Muay Thai Trainer Roxy "Balboa" Richardson Co-Owner, Head Muay Thai Coach
SFG II Kettlebell Instructor, and Nutritional Consultant

Roxy Richardson, ACE CPT,  SFG II is the co-Owner of F5 and head Muay Thai coach. She has over 10,000 hours of hands on client training experience in fitness, muay thai, strength and conditioning and nutrition.
Roxy discovered her love for Muay Thai in 2002. She got certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2005 and dedicated her life to fitness and health. She is also an SFG Level 2 Kettlebell Inctructor  and aFunctional Diagnostic Nutrition Practtioner.

Roxy Richardson Muay Thai Champion IAMTF Female FighterIn Muay Thai Roxy held the IAMTF Women's Lightweight belt as an amateur from 2008-2009 and turned pro an undefeated champion. She was the fiist female fighter in the United States to fight a 5 round full rules Muay Thai bout, when she made her pro debut in 2009. Check out Roxy in action here.

Roxy retired from professional Muay Thai fighting in 2011 so that she could focus on running her gym full time, coaching the F5 fighters, teaching classes and managing her team. You can visit Roxy's Blog to learn more.

Kate McGray Muay Thai Trainer & Fighter Kate McGray Personal Trainer & Muay Thai Instructor
Professional Muay Thai & MMA Fighter

Kate received her BA in Art History from Boston University, MA. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer , SFG I and is FMS certified. She started Muay Thai training under Roxy in 2005 finding it a great workout and an excellent way to add purpose and discipline into her life.

With her hard work she quickly grew into a courageous and talented young athlete. In 2008 Kate took a trip to Thailand where she spent 3 months training at a Muay Thai camp.  She ended her experience there with a 5 round full rules Muay Thai fight against a Thai girl which she won by unanimous decision.

Today Kate trains her clients with the same patience, passion and attention to detail that helped her thrive as a young female athlete. She knows how to make workouts rewarding, always keeping things fresh and innovative with the client's goals in mind.

Dustin Shaw Muay Thai Trainer

Dustin Shaw Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Amateur Muay Thai Fighter,
Co-Owner, Muay Thai Instructor

Dustin Shaw has been regularly competing in the grappling world for over 10 years and holds a brown belt under Rubens Cobrinha Charles. He began his training in high school with wrestling and judo, then discovered Jiu Jitsu and was immediately hooked. Training initially with the Aloisio Silva team in the south bay, then later with Chute Boxe In Hollywood, followed by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and finally finding his home with Team Alliance and Cobrinha BJJ.

His passion for Muay Thai developed when he met Roxy in 2009 and started training his striking seriously. He currently competes in both Muay Thai and BJJ. His eye for the fight game and his extensive athletic past make him a technical, motivating and challenging teacher. He is constantly striving to better himself and his students with new innovative drills and programming.

Anthony Ristow Muay Thai Group Class

Anthony Ristow

Muay Thai Substitute Instructor and Former Amatuer Fighter

Anthony started training Muay Thai in 2005 under Roxy Richardson and Chris Reilly. Over the years he has continued to improve his skills with regular training and sparring.

Anthony helps the F5 fight team train for their fights and teaches class on Monday nights. You will also see him taking our Fighter Fit classes, as he walks the walk and maintains an active lifestyle, even with his busy schedule of academics, writing and bartending.

In addition to his Muay Thai addiction Anthony is currently a Philosphy graduate assistant at California State University, and he makes a mean old fashion!

Kimura Ninja Cat Muay Thai

Kimura 10th Degree Ninja Blackbelt, Pro Mouse Catcher
Motivational Meower, Mobility Expert, F5 Mascot

Kimura had a rough start to life growing up on the streets of Los Angeles. Her early years of hunting for food and fighting off other stray dogs and cats earned her street cred and gave her the supreme confidence she has today.

At only a few months of age Kimura was adopted by F5 owners Roxy and Dustin; it was then that she began her ninja training and became the rare feline athlete she is today. Her favorite activites include stalking, pouncing, tire jumps and agility training and of course stretching. Her Small Group Ninja Classes are held Fridays at midnight and are by invitation only.

For clients who are allergic to this beautiful creature we have a top-notch air filter in the gym and this lovely lady will stay in the back offices during your training session :)