Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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Good nutrition is crucial to health and fitness success. Function 5 Nutritional Counseling will teach you to apply healthy habits to your daily life and how to eat a natural, whole foods based diet that is right for you. We recognize that everyone is unique when it comes to nutrition. There is not a one size fits all approach to diet. Your individual goals and needs will be addressed in nutritional counseling.

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Nutritional Counseling will teach you valuable food and lifestyle tips, improve health and longevity and maximize your training results. Nutritional counseling for distance clients is also available via phone/skype.

1 Month of Advanced Nutritional Counseling Package - $297

Includes education of basic nutrition principles, breakdown of macros for goals, accountability action steps, unlimited email contact and four (4) counseling sessions via phone/Skype (30-45 minutes each), one each week.

If you are interested in only nutritional counseling please contact us to  book a quick phone consultation