Function 5 Fitness offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness services in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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Roxy's Blog   for all your health & fitness info!

For those that want to geek out more on some great nutrition and health information and  for those who cannot afford personlized counseling sessions with me there is a wealth of information out there for you.  Knowledge is power, so get learning and get healthy!

Many of these people are my friends, some of them are my mentors, others are people I admire from a distance.  I resepct their work and also realize that we may differ in opinions sometimes, but our genereal message is the same and we all care about your wellbeing. 

Los Angeles Referrals for Holistic Wellness:

Dr. Max Levin - Levin Chiropractic

Sarah Schwab L.Ac - Health & Harmony Accupuncture 

Dr. Lee  - Chiropractic & Kor Health 

Real Food Nutrition Resources:

Sean Croxton - Underground Wellness 

Robb Wolf - The Paleo Solution

Dallas & Melissa Hartwig - Whole9

Chris Kresser - The Healthy Skeptic

Dr. William Davis - Wheat Belly Blog

Mark Sisson - Mark's Daily Apple

Real Food Recipes and Blogs:

Diane San Filippo - Balanced Bites

Sarah Fragoso - Everyday Paleo

Michelle Tam - Nom Nom Paleo

Scientific Nutrition and Wellness Research and Protocols:

Dr. Thomas O'Bryan - Leading gluten sensitivity expert Dr. O'Bryan

Reed Davis - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition 

Chris Masterjohn - Cholesterol and Health 

Julia Ross - The Diet Cure, The Mood Cure

Fitness Resoruces and Blogs:

Jen Sinkler - Thrive 

Drs. Jade & Keoni Teta - Metabolic Effect

SFG Blog - StrongFirst Kettlebells

Jill Coleman - Jill Fit Blog